Goldman Sacked

Enough has been said about Goldman’s clearly unethical and allegedly criminal behavior of late, that we will resist the urge to add fuel to the fire.  Why investors continue to trust Wall Street’s finest with their hard earned capital, despite such obvious and perilous conflicts of interest will forever remain a mystery to us.

It remains to be seen if the fraud charges brought against Goldman (and potentially many others) by the SEC will provide a catalyst for significant market weakness.  We shall find out soon enough.  In the interim, we encourage readers to become more familiar with the unprincipled behavior of these reckless institutions by taking a look at our original post on Government Sachs, recent comments by David Kotok, CIO of Cumberland Advisors, and John Mauldin’s recent Thoughts from the Frontline.

Source: Hedgeye Risk Management

 Disclosure:  At the time of publication, the author was short Goldman Sachs, although positions may change at any time.