Dinner & Hold’em

The CFA North Carolina Society’s 11th Annual Forecast Dinner is scheduled for Tuesday, January 11th in Charlotte.  We’ll have at least one table reserved for the event so please contact us or Sheri Gillette at CFA North Carolina if you’d like a seat.  There are also several slots left open for sponsorship opportunities if interested.  Our Investment Team at Broyhill looks forward to this particular evening in the Queen City every year, and we are particularly excited to host GMO’s Edward Chancellor in just a few months.  We’ll kick off with an hour or two of cocktails, before Ed shares his thoughts on GMO’s Asset Class Forecasts, China, Sovereign Debt, and anything else that might tickle his fancy over dinner.  They’ll be plenty of time for Q&A as well.  Details are below.  We hope to see you there!

And for our friends that might be looking for an excuse to visit Las Vegas, we’ll be speaking at the Private Wealth Management Summit, which is being held from December 1st – 3rd in Sin City.  We’ve been asked to share our views on the Inflation vs Deflation Debate at the conference and look forward to squeezing in a few rounds of Texas Hold’em between presentations.