Dancing with the Stars

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Wake Forest CIO, Jim Dunn, over the past year as Jim has settled into his new role in Winston-Salem after leaving Wilshire Associates in Santa Monica.  We are lucky to have him as part of the investment community in NC and particularly lucky to have him volunteer his time on CFA North Carolina’s Strategic Advisory Board.

Jim gave us permission to share the following note and video clip with our readers today, so that we might help him save some shred of his dignity and “take the title” this year.  He assures me that any temporary blindness resulting from his video is for a good cause. Please see the promo below and place your vote for Jim.

Jim – as a reminder, pants are required at all our Strategic Advisory Board meetings.  Even during cocktail hour.





Ten years ago, I was driving JJ to kindergarten on a beautiful spring day.  We had the windows down as I pulled into school and we were blasting Pink’s “Lets get this party started…”.  JJ, even at the tender age of five or six, was mortified at my singing and carrying on and pleaded with me to turn it down and roll up the windows.  When I inquired why, his response was…”Dad, your embarrassing me!”  My immediate response was “JJ, I haven’t even started embarrassing you yet!”

The time has come to make good on my promise.

In a moment of weakness I agreed to participate in the 2nd year of Take the Lead, a “Dancing for the Stars” benefit for Bethesda Center for the Homeless.  The Bethesda Center  is the largest shelter for men and women in Forsyth County.  Bethesda served more than 600 of the community’s homeless during 2010, and has assisted 250 men and women in moving from shelters into their own housing during the last four years.  The main event is April 7th, 2011.

Believe it or not, I’m dancing for charity.  And I need your help, you have all known me long enough that I have done a few (many) stupid things in my life, but this one is for a great cause.  I need your help getting the word out to my friends, former classmates and colleagues.  I need to get the votes started.  Please pass along the below website to anyone who can support me and my beautiful “professional” partner, Conley Henderson, a junior dance student from Wake Forest.

When Lauren and I moved to Winston-Salem from Santa Monica, we were in search of community in which we could shape our young boys in to young men.  Winston-Salem and the Wake Forest University family have provided us with all we could have wished for and more.  It’s a privilege to live in this community and support the Bethesda Center and we encourage everyone to learn more about the resilience of the human spirit and our need to be connected to others. We all need to invest in our community. The Bethesda Center gives us a compassionate way to invest our time, our talents and our hearts.

See our promo video below and stay tuned for updates on our progress.  Thanks in advance for your support and please keep the ridicule to a minimum, my feet are killing me.


With gratitude,