Breakfast with Dave

We hosted Wells Capital’s Jim Paulsen and Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg in Charlotte Tuesday night for CFA North Carolina’s 12th Annual Forecast Dinner.  It was a terrific event and sold out for the second year in a row.  Always good to examine both sides of the same coin and both presentations were well thought out and highly energetic. Thanks to all for your help in putting it together and for those that supported our effort.  I hope we can get more friends to join us next year.  If you are interested in seeing either presentation, please check in with me and I will see if we can have them posted to CFA North Carolina’s website.  In the meantime, Zero Hedge picked up some of the story in a recent post, here.

After the event, I had an opportunity to spend a couple hours having Breakfast with DaveWe view the world in very similar lenses and I think Dave is one of the few economists on the street who “gets it” – in this case, “it” is the extended impact of deleveraging on the global economy.  Very much enjoyed breakfast and getting to know the Gluskin Team, as well as hearing about Dave’s experience at the Munk Debates.  Thanks for breakfast guys.

P.S.  William – the raffle was a terrific success!!