Season’s Greetings from the Peanut Gallery

Last weekend marked our final board meeting of calendar 2012.  Accordingly, conversations on Saturday morning centered around the potential impact of the fiscal cliff on risk assets, the risks of zero-interest rate policy across developed markets and our expectations for long term returns given increased macroeconomic uncertainty and heightened volatility.

But perhaps the most productive recommendation came from one of our newest board members on Friday evening and as a result, our office is frantically preparing for this week’s Christmas Party via The Charlie Brown School of Dance.  For a refresher, please consult the brief video below:

With the Broyhill Family Office Christmas Party fast approaching, we are all perfecting our best moves.  No doubt, this will be quite an adventure.  I’m particularly fond of “The Ruby Slipper Vulture Shuffle” but “The Russian Cossak Dance” is equally impressive. Now, THAT is insightful Kevin!

Sadly, Charlie Brown has nothing on Jim Dunn.  Good Grief.