Herbalife: Quote of the Day

We’ve been obsessing somewhat over this Herbalife story.  I can’t help myself.  It is just fascinating to me that this type of thing can  go unnoticed or untouched for so long.  So we are counting down the hours until the company’s response, but admittedly, the bar is set quite low.  We’ve seen this movie before.  In the meantime, a good friend and brilliant scientist who has worked within the labs of many of the world’s (real) pharmaceutical companies, had this to say about certain “value” investors scooping up “cheap” shares of HLF in the wake of Ackman’s disclosure:

“I would think that it must be a trade – this silly company was never anything but.  I’m telling you, I could stuff a square of ex-lax into a pop-tart and make a better weight loss drug.  This thing is turning into an ugly bar brawl over a $5 whore of a stock.  Time to take a page from Snagglepuss.”