Inbox Zero: From 250 Emails to One

This is, hands down, the single best (free) productivity enhancing tool I’ve discovered this year.  In a recent post, The Not To Do List, we suggested eliminating “manufactured emergencies” by batching email and checking it only a few set times during the day.  Unroll.Me is even better.

BU (Before Unroll.Me) I wasted hours deleting, filing, and sorting emails on a daily basis.  The great majority of these (although I never realized just how many) were various subscriptions, research services and news rolls.  In other words, the bulk of my inbox was purely informational (and distracting) and did not require immediate attention or follow up.

AU (After Unroll.Me) I now check one email at the end of every day which rolls all of these subscriptions (over 250) into a single email.  The result: I received maybe five emails yesterday that required a response. That’s it. And I added two of these to Unroll.Me.  Imagine what you could accomplish in a day without the constant distraction of email notifications.

Now, if I could just figure out how to translate all of this additional time into investment performance.  With the Fed on hold and short-term sentiment depressed, Santa may come early this year.