Grant’s Interest Rate Observer
Better at a Discount
August 10, 2018

SeaWorld: The Worst Case Scenario is Not So Bad
March 25, 2016

ValueWalk Interview Series
November 17, 2015

Manual of Ideas
Christopher Pavese on His Value Investment Philosophy 
October 2, 2015

SeaWorld Can Leap 30%
July 24, 2015

The Wall Street Journal
Argentine Stocks Get Boost From Investors With Taste for Risk

May 1, 2014

The Manual of Ideas
The Berkshire Hathaway Issue

May 1, 2014

CFA Institute
Charterholders Just Want to Have FUN
July 19, 2013

Value Investors Insight
Cheap Thrill
June 30, 2013

CFA Institute
Hospira: A Case Study for Strategic Valuation
June 6, 2013

Rethink your bond strategy for retirement

May 13, 2013

Patient Investors Will Find The Right Prescription in Hospira

May 7, 2013

CFA Institute
Bad Apple?
March 28, 2013

Fermenting Change at Danone

Mar 2, 2013

CFA Institute
Value Investing in Practice
December 20, 2012

Market Folly
Broyhill’s Presentation on Oaktree Capital Group
December 5, 2012

Oaktree Capital Trading At Acorn-Sized Price

Nov 27, 2012

The Ghost Malls of China
April 17, 2012

Business Insider
These Chinese Malls Don’t Have Any People In Them
April 12, 2012

Investment Trends to Watch in 2012

Jan 12, 2012

The Wall Street Journal
Doubts Reign as Stocks Head Into the Holidays

Nov 16, 2011

5 Stock-Market Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Sep 22, 2011

The Wall Street Journal
Betting Against China

Sep 18, 2011

More Investors Shorting Chinese Yuan

Aug 1, 2011

The Wall Street Journal
Investors Hazard Bold Bet on Yuan

Jun 22, 2011

Are the Markets Overbought and Overvalued?

Feb 24, 2011

The Great ‘Flation Debate

Dec 7, 2010

Building A Short Thesis On Lumber Liquidators

Dec 2, 2010

Still Speculating In Australian Housing: More Punch, Mate!

Jul 26, 2010

Aussie Housing Bubble Gets Popped With Chinese Credit Crash

Jul 26, 2010

Ten Reasons To Buy Bonds

May 13, 2010

A Cautionary Fable

Apr 16, 2010

Is Another Market Pullback Near?

Mar 15, 2010

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