M. Hunt Broyhill


Hunt holds several positions within the Broyhill family offices – the first of which began at an early age, as a Broyhill. Today, he serves as President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BMC Fund and Chairman of Broyhill Asset Management. He also serves as an executive officer of numerous other entities within the Broyhill family offices (there are lots).

Outside of Broyhill Land, Hunt is an active participant at the Caldwell Community College Foundation, the Boy Scouts of America Piedmont Council Executive Board, and the North Carolina Community College Foundation. Hunt is also a former member of the Economic Development Board of the State of North Carolina.

His hobbies include aviation (think Howard Hughes, not Superman), sailing (look out Larry Ellison), snow skiing (at least while his knees hold up), bike riding (Hunt prefers to pedal; Chris prefers an engine), scuba diving (unconfirmed) and wine tasting (tasting may not be the optimal word here).