Olivia Guillebeau

Investment Analyst

Olivia is an adventurer and a challenge seeker. She grew up across a decade plus of summers at an all-girls camp in Brevard NC. In the mountains, she he learned how to bob from the gunnels of a canoe, light a two match fire and, most importantly, to be a leader and a friend. Her love of the Blue Ridge, after a year at Chapel Hill, took her a couple of mountain ranges away, to Appalachian State University where she earned a degree in Finance and Banking.

In Boone, in 2021, she competed as a Broyhill Fellow in the ‘Global CFA Institute Research Challenge’ where her team won the Americas’ Regional Championship, for the first time. Olivia and her team at ASU, finished top five in the world, losing a close battle to a very competent team from Norway. After a year on the CFO’s finance team at Bank of America, Olivia takes on Broyhill, bringing to their clientele, her passion for discovering important truths (which the Street chooses to ignore).

When not peeling through earnings’ transcripts and SEC documents, she enjoys mountains to climb, exercise and body conditioning by ‘Joe,’ romantic comedies and displaying the exploits of her cat, ‘Mister Cowboy!’

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