Chris Pavese

From an early age, Chris demonstrated a combination of creativity and problem solving that made his career path crystal clear. He dreamed of becoming an architect, excelled at drafting in high school and interned for an architectural firm based out of a Frank Lloyd Wright home in NJ while beginning his undergraduate study in PA.

As he would later learn several times throughout his career, he was “early” in his thinking, as the housing boom was still a decade in the future. Luckily, the stock market boom was in full force in the 1990s, and Chris realized that his creative talent and analytical abilities were equally suited for constructing homes or portfolios.

While most of the business world remains allergic to fun, Chris is still looking for any correlation between appearing to be serious and actually being good at what you do. In the meantime, he comes into the office each day with a childlike curiosity because he loves his work and looks forward to the challenges it presents.

Chris is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Broyhill Asset Management and Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of BMC Fund, a registered investment company. He is a CFA Charterholder, Past President of the Board of the CFA Institute’s North Carolina Society and has some sweet moves on the dance floor.

Carol reminds him on a daily basis that although he didn’t have the good fortune to be born or raised in the South, Chris is an official Southerner-In-Training and understands the importance of sweet tea and the multiple meanings of “bless your heart.”

Hunt Broyhill

Hunt holds several positions within the Broyhill family offices – the first of which began at an early age, as a Broyhill. Today, he serves as President, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BMC Fund and Chief Executive Officer of Broyhill Asset Management. He also serves as an executive officer of numerous other entities within the Broyhill family offices (there are lots).

Outside of Broyhill Land, Hunt is an active participant at the Caldwell Community College Foundation, the Boy Scouts of America Piedmont Council Executive Board and the North Carolina Community College Foundation. Hunt is also a former member of the Economic Development Board of the State of North Carolina.

His hobbies include aviation (think Howard Hughes, not Superman), sailing (look out Larry Ellison), snow skiing (at least while his knees hold up), bike riding (Hunt prefers to pedal; Chris prefers an engine), scuba diving (unconfirmed) and wine tasting (tasting may not be the optimal word here).

Andrea Sefler

Andrea’s career interests have always read like A Tale of Two Cities, namely science and investing.  In fact, she bought her first share of stock with a cash prize earned from winning a regional science fair competition in grade school.

Both that single share of Texas Instruments stock and her interest in science grew over the years in stature, culminating in a PhD in organic chemistry from UC Berkeley.  After a long, rousing, and rewarding scientific career at a large pharmaceutical company, Andrea is seeking shelter from the storm of never-ending healthcare M&A activity in the smaller, calmer waters of Broyhill.  While Chris and Mike might quirk an eyebrow at the term “calmer,” Andrea would be quick to point out that one of the fundamental properties of the universe is that everything is relative to a chosen frame of reference.

Naturally type-cast into the role of Resident Skeptic, Andrea is primed and enthused to bring some of the disciplines of structured scientific research and development to our investment process.  Barring that lofty goal, she can at least teach the gang how to make some truly fabulous ice cream with liquid nitrogen!