We are a boutique investment firm, established as a family office and guided by a value orientation.

Our family office foundation provides the security of a stable capital base. As a result, we do not suffer from the constant pressure to gather assets, which often contributes to poor short-term decisions. Rather, we focus our resources on what we love – finding attractive investments for our partners.

We operate under a different mandate and make our own, independent decisions.

The advantage of being located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is that we are outside of the fray. It’s pretty quiet here and the rumor mill just doesn’t churn as loudly. Removed from the noise, we are able to climb the mountain and survey the investment landscape with a rational, objective, long-term perspective.

We seek to provide attractive returns with a low probability of loss.

We are long-term investors, eager to concentrate capital in our best ideas and willing to accept short-term underperformance in exchange for long-term success. By putting a margin of safety at the heart of our investment process, we aim to achieve sustainable absolute returns and safeguard capital under various market conditions.

We invest alongside our clients as partners in our process.

We seek partners who share the same objectives and beliefs. Our investors understand that a short-term focus can impair our results, so we seek to partner only with investors who appreciate that a long-term horizon is critical to our mutual success.

We have fun each day because we love our work.

Having too much fun can give the impression that you aren’t serious. But as far as we can tell, the correlation between appearing serious and actually being good at what you do, is spurious at best. Because we love our work, our minds are always in gear. Because we are having fun, we are always engaged.